Welcome to Martinworld

As the oldest brother of eleven, I decided to build this website for the purpose of sharing bits and pieces of our life with family and friends. I've really enjoyed learning code (html, css, and php) while making this site. So look around and enjoy! And be sure to click on "What We're Up To" for the latest.
Ethan M.

Rag tag bunch
The crazy kids


Sandra Aldrich said:
Sara Troyer said:
Ethan, you're awesome at this kind of stuff. Great job!
Char said:
I love it!
Lori , Tayler and Kacie said:
Ethan, This is so... good , you all are amazing
Lanae said:
I love it too! It is great! Thanks
Jillian said:
Good job!! Looks awesome.
Bec said:
I'll take an of those kids, anytime.
Elsie B said:
Love the picture
Jon K. said:
pretty cool sight. entertaining, educational,and inspiring.
Liese said:
Way to go!
Al & Dorothy said:
How cool is that! Keep it up.
Tracy Peachey said:
Great job, Ethan! I enjoyed it, especially the Little Ones page. :)
Grampa & Grama K said:
How could we be anything but proud of you Ethan! You are all so creative.
mrs beef said:
Great website, Ethan! I mean really great!! I've enjoyed it a lot. You guys are really adventuresome!! Homeschooling at its finest!! Great shot of all the kids!!
Cinnamon said:
Wow, one girl? Great picture~
Ben & Rose said:
Thanks for cluing us in.
Sandra Aldrich said:
WOW what a crew!! God bless you all with abundant health and strength in body and min but most of all in Jesus!!
Holly & Family said:
This is great, way to go !
Becky said:
I almost commented the EXACT same thing as last time, and caught it. :]
Great uncle Larry said:
I always look forward to reading about what you guys are up to!
When I show the guys at work some of the things you guys are doing they are just amazed how creative you kids are.
Don't suppose they see that much anymore with all the video games kids play today

Keep it up, It will do you well later in life!
NEVER give up learning!
You inspire the rest of us!!
Marv & Char said:
We just noticed that Adriel looks alot like Phil on this picture. :)
Samantha said:
When our contract is up with the company we are using, I hope you can work on our site! You did a great job here! BTW you Martins are awesome!!! :)
Brandon and Sam
Aunt Rose said:
ops! Time to update- eleven children.
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