Baby Turtle


October 5, 2009

When we went Camping in June some of the boys took a walk around the campground and they saw a turtle laying some eggs. They left her alone and told the rest of us back at camp.

Later that morning some friends came to spend the day with us! We had lots of fun together and I took some of the little ones to the place the boys said they saw the turtle laying eggs. I dug down in the sand a little bit and found some eggs. The kids were fascinated by them, and I let each of them hold one. We decided it would be fun to see if we could hatch them. So we took them back to camp and put them in cups and covered them with sand.

When we got home I searched the internet trying to find out what kind of turtle the boys had seen laying to eggs. None of them could remember exactly what she looked like, so the only thing I could figure out was that she was some sort of map turtle.

We kept the eggs in a warm place and just about forgot about them. I was going to dump them out soon since I figured they should have hatched a month ago. But today, when we looked in the cups we saw that one of the eggs hatched!

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The little thing is so cute and small!

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We put him in the fish tank on some water plants. He crawled off the plant and dived down to the bottom much to everyone's delight. He almost got stuck in some rocks on the bottom! So we helped it back up to the top and he hasn't dared go that far down again :)

So far he's the only one that hatched, but I hope the other six hatch soon.

We are still not sure what kind of turtle it is. It's not a painted turtle, that's for sure. Any ideas?


Jillian said:
Oh, my goodness!! It is so small and adorable!
Grama said:
So now you've got two adorable babies in the house!! I'll take Licie any day.
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