Bigger, Better, Higher!


April 18, 2011

Jadon posted about the kites we made the other day. Since they were so successful I wondered what would happen if we made one three times that big. First we made one with a tarp and some metal hanging rail we use for installing cabinets. It flew but the metal rail would bend, so we made a better one out of wood and plastic.

It's eight feet long and flies better that I expected and with less wind than I thought. Since we made it we've not had any really nice windy days. But on gusty days we can fly it during a gust.

Getting everything ready

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And away it goes.

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It's flying!

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So now what... a bigger one?


karen said:
Crazy, just crazy, you gotta stop somewhere;) Oh what next with you guys! You wear me out, but I'd like to see it.
Lanae said:
Wow! Lol! I would love to see it and all your other way to cool stuff!! Hopefully sometime. I know Logan would love it all! Maybe we will wait to come till we can help eat your veggies!!
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