June 24, 2009

Dad said that if we help him in the shop good we can go camping over the weekend. And boy, I'll bet dad never had such good help!

Early Friday morning mom and I went down to the Mississippi river to the camp ground we usually camp at and "reserved" (in other words set up our tent at) our favorite campsite. Then we went back and got everyone and everything else.

Cherish and her new bike

Since Cherish's birthday is coming up and she needs a bike, we got her one and gave it to her while we were camping.

Dad cooking over a hot fire on a hot day, bless his heart.

Fishing. We caught 9 or 10 bluegill and 1 bigish bass.

Damon and Cedie in the canoe.

Cherish was in the inflatable kayak all the time.



karen said:
if i thought i was jealous before now i know i was jealous!
Phil and Lanita said:
Looks like so much fun! We're jealous, too.
Char said:
Yeh, me too! Kinda far away though.
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