Cube of Rubik


February 3, 2012

Caleb and Christian gave a Rubik's cube to me for Christmas. Nobody knew how to solve it so Adriel found a Youtube video on how to solve it. After a few days he finally got it. So he showed me how to do it. I could solve it in four minutes fifty seconds, and Adriel could do it in five minutes. It wasn't a very good Rubik's cube and it broke. A few weeks later Ethan and Adriel went to town and they bought a new cube.
The new Rubik's cube is a lot easier to move.

My record is one minute twenty-eight seconds.
Adriel's record is one minute four seconds.


karen said:
You need to post a video of you guys racing:)
Grama K said:
Maybe I should try and beat Adriel!! LOL Grampa used to be good at it.
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