Felicity Brooke


October 3, 2009

Felicity Brooke was born today at 3:00 in the morning. She weighed 9 pounds, 8 ounces, and was 21 inches long!

We all went over to Grandma's house yesterday evening. Cherish, Damon, Cedric and I were the first ones to wake up. Then the phone rang, Grandma answered it and said it was Mom and she wanted to talk to Cherish. Cherish took the phone, listened, and then her face lit up and she yelled "IT'S A GIRL!!!!". Every one jumped and yelled and woke the rest up.

Mom said she had the baby on the bathroom floor instead of in the pool like planned, which I thought was very funny because Mom always thinks bathroom floors are filthy :)

She was born with her hand by her head and has flat feet, just like me, I hope that's not a sign :)

We made our selves some breakfast and went home to see our little sister! (I still cannot believe i'ts a girl!).

She has dark hair and some say she looks like Doran, or the twins. I think it's just a bunch of foolishness, how can you tell who a baby looks like the first day she's born?
She was fought over for by 9 older siblings who wanted to hold her. But I got a few pics of happy kids holding her.

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The twins wanted to hold her right away, but after they got their fill they were contented.

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Cedric would hold her all day if we'd let him, and he calls her "Licy" I guess that's a good nickname.

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Cherish is very proud of her little sister. She already talks about which dolls Felicity can have when she gets bigger!

We are all very exited!


Lori said:
shes beautiful, and she does look like Doran !
kk said:
I agree with Lori. That is what I said on FB too. Wish I could hold her!!!
Lanae said:
Ya she is beautiful! but I was commenting to Jon that I don't think she looked like your family and he walks in and took one look and said sure she does she looks like Doran! We had to laugh then when we read the other comments!
Dani said:
Congratulations!!! This is so exciting!! And we're hearing "She looks like Doran" here too. Those round cheeks look like my babies.
Jillian said:
That was hilarious about Cherish! lol Congrats, again!
Lanita said:
Cute! Cute! Can't wait to come and see her in person...
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