February 13, 2012

Ethan and I were working outside, when we saw that the furnace shed (the shed between the house and the shop where our outside furnace is) was smoking. It's not that unusual for smoke to come out of the many holes in that shed because of the furnace being there.

We went up closer and saw that it was burning! We got buckets and a hose, but the fire was growing too fast. Dad called the fire department, and they got here about thirty minuets later. They put out the fire but the tree and our trampoline are burnt.

The shed was mostly full of junk that we didn't know what to do with. Dad had three chain saws and a weed eater in it. And the furnace is unusable at this point. But other than that it wasn't that big of a loss.

Ethan got a video of the fire. Here it is:


Char said:
Wow. Scary stuff. Is that a camper sitting there beside the shed? Is it ok?
Ethan said:
No, Char. That is an old feed mixer that keeps the furnace filled with wood chips. Yeah it's fine. Glad it wasn't the camper though!
lanae said:
Exciting!! Sorry to hear about your losses tho. We're happy along w/ you that it wasn't any worse. Was that your main scorce of heat?
Ethan said:
Yes Lanae, it was heating the shop and the house... Now we are heating with more expensive LP...
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