Hay Fort


September 29, 2009

Doran, the twins, and I made a hay fort in the haymow. Its really cramped and very long. We made it
out of straw, wood and some bags.

It has a long and very small tunnel that opens into this big(ish) room:

Then there is a tunnel goes from that room to another even smaller and more cramped!

One time Doran, the twins, Cherish, and I were in it and Caleb started going out, which blocked the sun light and Cherish started screaming and crawling out as fast as she could. I'd say she had claustrophobia. :)

We had a lot of fun making it.


Rose Shirk said:
I remember doing that when I was a child. What fun!!
Lanae said:
I was thinking to myself as I was waiting for it to come up that that is what my brothers used to do but they would put drop offs in it and not tell me but make me go thru and it was dark and scary! I know how Cherish felt! Looks like fun tho.
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