I got my green house up and running


April 18, 2011

I wanted to keep my aquaponics system going all winter but we didn't have time to get it set up properly. So last fall I took all the plastic panels out of my green house and put the fish from the aquaponics in the basement for the winter :(.

To set it up this year, we dug a level place for it, put the panels back in, put wood chips on the ground and reinforced it with some 2x4's.

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We set the aquaponics up, but I don't have the fish in it yet.

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I made shelves from some old well pipes.

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And I got all the seeds for the garden started!


Grama K said:
So the wind the other day, didn't take it up up and away? You are so industrious; a real fine worker.
Ethan said:
Just about! Some of the panels came off. That's what the wooden blocks on the outside are for. I had to screw them on to keep the panels in.
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