Let's go fly a kite!


April 9, 2011

One windy day Doran wanted build a kite. So he searched how to build one. The next day he had a box kite made out of sticks and garbage bags. It flew pretty good, I asked Doran if he could help me make one. He said he could and showed me how. I made one and Ethan made one. Adriel tried to make a diamond shaped kite but he couldn't because we don't have any craft paper. So he made a box kite too.

Here are some pictures of our box kites.

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This is Doran's kite, the Eagle.

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This is my kite the Hawk.

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This is Ethan's kite, the Jolly Rogers.

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And Adriel's kite.

It's fun to make them, and especially fun to fly them.


Lanita said:
cool, I never saw a box kite in real life. I like the last picture the best, because it has a pretty sky. :)
Jillian said:
Way cool!!
Lanae said:
Those are really neat!!! I remember one of my brothers making that kind of a kite but,I don't remember which one!
Gram said:
Do they land gently or did they crash? How high can they go? Looks like a barrel of fun and hope to see one fly sometime! You should go in the kite business and sell them, they'd be hot.
Great aunt Rose said:
I like the one with the eagle head. Glad to see you are playing along with working.
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