September 11, 2012

The next project I'll tell you about is part marquetry and part intarsia.

The back is made of marquetry which is inlaid wood veneer (thin wood). I wood-burnt the marquetry leaves for the shading look. The fish on top are intarsia. The bubbles are just short pieces of dowel rods that I sanded to a dome on top. It was a fun project.


Lori said:
very nice ! I sure do miss you all !
Grama K said:
fantastic artwork! You are so skilled, Doran. Is it for sale?
Lanae said:
The same as Grama & Lori!
Great Aunt Maggie said:
Wow, Doran, that is nifty! Have you done any other designs? I'll bet you could develop a good market for such interesting artwork!
aunt karen said:
makes me look forward to what I got coming:)
Doran said:
Grama: No this one is not for sale, but I will gladly make another one if someone wants!

Maggie: Yes I am working on some other similar projects.
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