My Baby Sister


February 20, 2012

Hi! this is cherish i am very Happy that i have a new baby sister, Starla Belle. my little sister Licy loves her.
wen she first saw her she ran down stairs and came back with some toys from the toy shelves and set
them beside mom. :) Starla is the sweetest little girl ever!. but shes RILLY cute when she smiles.!

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Lanita said:
awww! she is really cute! Love her smile.
Great-Aunt Maggie said:
You are right.. she's VERY cute!! I don't think she could BE any cuter!!
Grama K said:
Thanks for the pics, Cheri, we don't get to see her enuf! I'm so glad you have another sister and such a sweetheart!
Great Aunt Rose said:
Thanks, Cherish, for sharing these really cute photos of your really wonderful baby sister!
Dani said:
You know what, Cherish? I think your little sister looks a LOT like Traimley's big sister. She looks like a sweetie pie.
Lanae said:
You DO have a very cute baby sister! Hold her & kiss her for me, ok?! love you all!
Bev Kahlhamer said:
Your baby sister is a doll. She joins a terrific family.
Rose said:
so very cute
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