My first firework


August 28, 2010

For the past month (since the fourth of July) we have been making fireworks of one kind or another, and today I finished my first 3" aerial shell. We set it off tonight with an electric ignition system I made, using a 12V battery, a clothespin, and some electric wire we had laying around.

It wasn't the best firework ever, but the next one will be better. ;) It did look a lot better/bigger in real life though. We will probably try using a different camera next time.


Mom said:
It was awesome in real life!
Gramps said:
Wish we could've been there in real life!! Next time let us know. The clip was awesome too.
Jillian said:
That's amazing!! You guys are geniuses!
Ethan said:
Once we get them perfected we will have you over for a big show, Gramps :)
Lanae said:
lol!! What you guys don't come up with! Wish we could have seen it in real life. in the video it looked really good! Let us know when the big show is!!!
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