New Wheels


November 7, 2009

Now that I have my driver's licence we've been keeping an eye out for a vehicle for me. We were thinking that I needed a small truck or something like that so I could haul things. Friday a friend called and said that some friends of his had a '93 Toyota Camry they wanted to get rid of. They were planning to trade it in, and the dealership offered them $500 for it but they would gladly sell it to someone else for the same amount. So Dad and I went and got it.

It is getting old, needs new shocks, the right window won't go down, there's a dent and a rust spot on the left side, but it runs fine! And is a lot more fun to drive than the big truck and van, believe it or not :). Maybe, if it ends up that we need another truck later on we'll get one too, we'll only be $500 short!


karen said:
i like it
Jillian said:
Grama said:
great bargain for 500! Glad u like it Ethan.
Char said:
You said its more fun to drive than the truck or van, "believe it or". I believe you. :)
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