Our Mostest Bestest One Yet


September 26, 2010

Well, I think we got them perfected! So far the fireworks my brothers and I have made were not exactly failures, but none of them were perfect until last night. We learned that the problem was our shells were to thin. They were getting a hole ripped in the side instead of building up pressure and exploding in all directions. So, now that we have that figured out, we can go on to bigger ones. :)

Here is the video (it was taken with Jadon's new camera that he got for his birthday, so it's better quality than we had before):


Lori said:
WOW !! that is so neat , you boys are something else !
gram said:
We showed this to Lyle B and he would really like to know how you make these; he's kind of into explosives but never knew you could do something so cool.
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