July 7, 2009

In May I posted about how we buried an old tub in the flower garden for a fish pond. Now it's officially done! We got a bunch of rocks from the pasture and set them around the edge, then we filled it up with water and put a water pump in which pumps the water through a natural hole a in a rock and falls onto to the rock below.

Now that's cool.

We put gravel in the bottom of the pond. For those of you who might not know, that is what helps keep it clean, because the bacteria that eats the gunk has a place to grow.

I eventually want to get mostly all perennial flowers. I do have a few perennials, but I can't remember their names :)

Mom has a lot of her herbs in it. Oh, there's gold fish and water plants in the pond too.


Lori said:
Looks really good ! very beautiful !
Dad said:
You didn't mention the bees get water here.
Dani said:
You must take after your aunt Lori. I remember her making a fish pond when she was a teen. Can't wait to see it live.
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