Ski fever


January 30, 2013

We went skiing this winter like we do most winters, except for last year because we were so busy with moving Ocooch Hardwoods home. But this year we finally had enough time so Dad, Ethan, Adriel, Doran, Damon and I went skiing.

When we got home we decided that we wanted going to buy our own skis so we wouldn't have to pay for rentals, and that way we could go skiing for way less. It would only take a winter or two to make our money back, but mainly it would be really cool to have our own skis. So we started looking on Ebay and Craigslist for some good deals.

In about a week the three oldest boys had all of their equipment and were ready to go skiing (for half the price). But when I tried to get some I ended up with skis that were too small for my boots (that we had picked up at a garage sale a few years ago). So now I was right back to where I was before, only with forty dollars less.

In a day or two I found another listing on Ebay for some nice BIG rental skis at a great price. They were perfect except for a little pink design thing, but then again my dark blueish, green sparkly boots that had purple lining weren't the perfect boots either. :) I couldn't pass up a good deal like that, so I bought them and they turned out to be very nice skis. And the skis that were to small for me fit Damon perfectly. So I just gave Mom and Dad forty dollars so that they own the small ones and I own the perfect ones.

Here is a picture of all our skis (and Adriel's board).

Click to enlarge

I'm really excited to go skiing with my new skis. We all have what we like to call SKI FEVER. It's a serious condition that causes people like Adriel to start acting all weird and then they end up snowboarding :)


Dani said:
Happy skiing! All that snow you got is probably making your fever go out of control. What kind of fever do the twins have?
Great Aunt Maggie said:
Oh, wow! You need to post a video of you guys in action; I'd love to see it! Sounds like great fun (for the young, at least)!
Jadon said:
Yeah Dani my ski fever is horrible, I just have to go skiing. And ski fever is contagious, Christian kinda wants to skiing but Caleb isn't showing any serious symptoms yet.
Jon B. said:
snowboard Adriel?... REALLY? You can't just ski like normal people? :-)
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