Stop motion


November 23, 2010

We were watching Wallace and Gromit. I asked Ethan how they made it. He said how they made it was they made clay characters and set them up and the took a picture and moved them a little bit and then take another picture and do that thousands of times. So one time I took some toy cars and Dads camera and made a race. I made a lot videos like that. But this is my best one.

I got some clay at WalMart and made some men. These our some of my best videos.

My videos are getting better all the time. Right now I'm working on adding green screen (chroma key) to my videos so I can add cool backgrounds. Check out the youtube channel Ethan made for me to see more videos.


Jillian said:
These are so great! The kids and I loved watching them on youtube. It has inspired Hannah to do some as well. She wants to do step by step origami in stop motion. Thanks for getting us started! Oh, big Wallace and Gromit fans, here, too!
Lori said:
wow ! I am so impressed ! We had a lot of fun watching them
Phil Kulp said:
Pretty cool! The baseball one is my favorite.
kk said:
Oh my word!!! that is soooo cool!!
Wesley said:
Sooo cool
Hotrod Bill said:
I like the cowboy video best
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