The Winds Of Change


December 12, 2011

I'll start by stating the obvious: We haven't posted anything on here for a while.

Now the reason: We have been really busy.

The first part of this year, we were slow with the cabinet business when one day a friend called and said there was a business for sale. It was a small lumber place in town that we've gotten lumber from many times.
To make a long story short God brought everything in place and we were able to buy it!

It is called Ocooch Hardwoods (Ocooch is the name of the hills we live in). Right now Adriel and I drive to town every day and run it.
We sell some lumber to locals that stop by, but mostly we sell "scroll saw ready hardwoods": small (2' long) sanded pieces of lumber (a lot of exotic woods), to people all around the country. And I mean ALL over. Since we bought it in July we have shipped to every state including Alaska and Hawaii, plus Canada and even England!

Many of you know what a scroll saw is. It's what Doran uses to make many of his projects, like the turkey leaf and snowflakes in the store. A lot of people have a scroll saw in their garage or basement but few other tools available, so they buy wood from us that is all ready to use.

Along with the business came the responsibility of hosting a trade show that is held in Richland Center every August. People from all over come to show off their scroll saw art, take classes, meet other scrollers, and buy wood.

I mentioned that Adriel and I drive to town every day to run the business. That is just temporary until we get things ready to move it home. We laid a slab of concrete in the shed and put up some racks so we can put the rough lumber there. The rental house is going to serve as the office and store/inventory, and the tools will have to squeeze in the shop. We hope to be able to move it home after Christmas when orders slow down.

One of the first things I did after buying it was to rebuild the website. Before, it simply had the prices and people would have to call up to place an order. Now you can order right on the website! We've really increased our sales with it. Be sure to check it out!

I'm sure you've noticed by now that this site looks a lot different! I made the layout more simple and easy to use. At the top, behind "Martinworld", is a picture I took that matches the current season and changes every time you go to a different page. You can also make it change by clicking above "Martinworld".

Now that we have the new business I won't be able to post on here as often so I'll be handing it over to Doran. He's been making a lot of cool things with scrap lumber lately. But I'll let him tell you about that!

So that's what's been up with us! If you notice anything with the new site that doesn't work right please let me know.


Lanae said:
Wow! I was so eager to see and hear from you all again! Thanks for the update and we are so coming up there, maybe after the tinest one arrives!
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