Today we took a solemn oath


November 18, 2009

Today Jadon, the twins, and I built two wigwams (tepees). We all made headdresses with duck tape and chicken feathers, so we look like Indians. Jadon is "Chief Red Cloud" so he got a special headdress.

To join our tribe we all took a solemn oath. You raise your right hand and say:

I do so solemnly promise:
I will never wear the Chief's headdress.
I will never go into the Chief's tepee without asking.
I will never make fun of the the tepees, or say that tepee stands for toilet paper.
And I will not make a fire without first asking the Chief.

The second tepee is not quite finished. So keep tuned for updates when we finish them.


Rose Shirk said:
Are these tepees in the house or outside? I imagine you had a rainy day like we did and came up with this great activity.
Grama K said:
Sounds like great fun. Please send pictures when they are both finished.
Cinnamon said:
Oh I would love to show my kids pictures too if you can post them~

Doran said:
Rose: No, this is the real thing ;)
It was a rainy day here too, but that didn't stop us! It was nice and cozy inside the tepees.

Grama & Cinnamon: We'll post pictures of them as soon as we get them both done. Our village is still in the founding stage.
Aunt Char said:
I'm cracking up!! Such a solemn oath. You guys are quite creative.
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