February 19, 2011

This winter a friend from church had arranged a snowball fight, and he thought it would be cool if we could have a catapult to throw snowballs, so I decided to make one. I (of course) got on the internet and looked at a bunch of different pictures of a type of catapult, the Trebuchet (pronounced Treb-u-shay or Treb-u-shet). I was looking for the best design and came up with a simple design of my own. A trebuchet throws an object using a pivoted trowing arm which has a counterweight on one end and on the other end a sling in which the projectile is placed. When firing, the sling must release at the correct time for the projectile to achieve optimum trajectory. For this purpose , I have a bent headless nail on the top end of the throwing arm that the lose end of the sling slips off of when the throwing arm is released.

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For safe loading and firing I have a "release mechanism" which is simply another nail and a loop of rope with a smaller rope connected to pull it off of the nail.

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My counterweight is a 108lb metal block that we had laying around. My trebuchet can throw a baseball approx. 130 to 145 feet.

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Ready to fire!

Here is a video of it in action!


Lanita said:
Grama said:
Just when I think I've seen it all..... What will you throw when the snow is gone?
Jillian said:
Wayyyyy coooool!!!!!
Wesley said:
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