Turkey Leaf Tribe


November 20, 2009

Yesterday Doran told you about how we are making some wigwams. We are done with them now! We made another one as well, so now we have three. The biggest one is about ten feet high!

We made the tepees by leaning sticks up and tying them at the top with baler twine. Then we wrapped old sheets around them. The biggest one was too big for a sheet so we used a tarp. We made three tepees, the biggest one is the community tepee, the littlest one is for storage (like fire wood and food), and the last one is the chief's. In the middle of the three tepees we made a fire ring with stones.

The tepees are all in the pasture. So to keep the steers and cow from knocking them over we stuck some sticks in the ground and put a wire around them, for a fence. It is very flimsy and is not electric but the steers don't know that ;) They don't even go close to it!

We named our tribe "Turkey Leaf". The members of our tribe are: Flying Squirrel (Adriel), Sharp Eye Eagle (Doran), Chief Red Cloud (me), Grass Woman (Cherish), and Rain Cloud (Damon). The twins haven't been sworn in yet.

These are some pictures of the headdresses we made out of duck tape and chicken feathers:

A brave's:

Click to enlarge

The Chief's:

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Cherish wears a brave's headdress upside-down:

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We also made some bows and arrows out of sticks and baler twine:

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We've had lots of fun making them, and almost as much fun playing Indian in them.


Grama K said:
Is Cheri an Indian girl or Squaw? The steers and cow are probly afraid of Indians.
Aunt Char said:
You guys crack me up. You have interesting names and cool headdresses.
Rhoda said:
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