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April 3, 2012

A couple years ago Ethan and Adriel made a compound cut chess set with the scroll saw. They found the patterns online but needed to fine tune them using TurboCad.

I liked playing with it very much until we decided to give the set to our pastor at church for his 80th birthday party.

I wanted Ethan to make another set but he didn't have time and told me to make my own. But I was also too busy at the time. Then... one misty, moisty morning... I found the old patterns, for the chess set, that Ethan had made, and I headed over to Doran's workshop (which we like to call "the chippy"- its a British term).

I decided to use walnut and aspen for the different colors. Then I started cutting and experimenting around until I finally got a good piece. It took me 4 days but I cut out a whole set of pieces successfully. Then with the help of Dad, Ethan, and Adriel (just a little help) I made a matching chess board.

Here are some pictures of my first chess set.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

It is very convenient, if one gets lost you can just go out in the shop
and make another one. They are fun to play with and I don't plan on giving these away any time soon :)


Jillian said:
It's beautiful! You boys take after your daddy's talent! Good job!
Grama K said:
You surprise me Jadon; didn't think this was really in your "field" but looks like you did a tremendous job. I bet there would be a big price tag on your set at somewhere like Cracker Barrel.
Lanae said:
You amazed me again!!! Since you don't want to part w/ it, I suggest you better start making more!!!(to sell!)
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