Updated pictures of my little sister


October 6, 2009

Mom took these pictures of Felicity today. You can see how much she has changed her looks. I think she is the cutest baby yet!

Cedric is so proud of her, he loves holding her.


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Char said:
Yes, she is cute. Wish I could hold her too. She definitely has her own look. Not sure who she looks like. :)
Grama said:
Now she looks more like Cherri!
Rose Shirk said:
How sweet that Cedric has such a love for his baby sister!!
Cassy said:
Beautiful! Brenda she does not look like a newborn at all! I think she looks just like Cherish.
pauline kulp said:
She is very cute ,
Bev Kahlhamer said:
Thanks Delvin for sharing your newest
addition. She is adorable. Congratulation to the whole family. Give her lots of love! Delvin & Brenda you do indeed have a wonderful family.
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