Wooden Boxes


December 12, 2012

Lately I've been making wooden boxes on the scroll saw.

This is an oval shaped box with a checker pattern. It is a pretty simple box to make except for the checker pattern which was very time consuming . I used walnut for the dark wood and aspen for the light wood.


This is a card box I made out of mahogany for holding a deck of cards. It is a fairly simple box to make.

And this box is shaped like violin and it is pretty hard to make. I used mahogany for the main box
and wenge for all the black details.

This is a custom box I made for Mom. It's made from red cedar and the flower is purpleheart
and the leaves are poplar I lightly burned the edges of the flower and leaves with a torch.


Uncle Ben said:
Very nice.
Grama K said:
These are all priceless. Hope you have my name for Christmas!! :)
Wesley said:
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