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April 2, 2012

Ethan posted about the new business we bought. My favorite thing about it is all the scraps of wood I get to use!

Here are some of the things I've been making:

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This is a T-rex I made out of Lacewood. I also made the pattern myself.

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I made the pattern for this Tucan as well. I cut it out of Padauk, with a Poplar border.
No it is not painted, Padauk is just really orange.

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I made this pattern too, and cut it out of Butternut.

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This is a pattern I made of a P-51 mustang. I made it from a picture we took at the Oshkosh airshow. And I cut it out of birch plywood.

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All the others on this post are called fretwork. But this teddy bear is called intarsia. I didn't paint it either. I just cut each piece out of a different species of wood. (bloodwood, butternut,
aspen, walnut, white cedar, ash, and mahogany)

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At Ocooch Hardwoods we also sell carving stock, and I carved these little men out of some scraps. I put magnets in the back and we use them for fridge magnets. These are painted.


Great Aunt Maggie said:
Doran, you're a real artist! These are fantastic! The dog and the teddy bear are my favorites.
aunt karen said:
like, like, like
Lanae said:
O my goodness! You do such a good job! I think I will have to have you make something for me sometime!!
Wesley said:
I like the T-rex
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