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September 24, 2009

Earlier this year Ethan made a word puzzle with words describing our family. Just recently we watched Planet Earth. I made a puzzle (the same way as Ethan, using a card program) with words about places on Planet Earth. Here they are for you to print out and try. Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

The first one I made I called "Oceans", it has words about things in the ocean.Ocean answers

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You might be wondering what EAC stands for, it's for "East Australian Current" which is a current in the movie "Finding Nemo", but it is a real current as well, which is why I put it in here.

The next one I made I called "Deserts". It has words about desert things... naturally. Desert answers

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In this puzzle is the word "Peringuey". A peringuey's adder is one of my favorite snakes. Among other cool things this desert snake crawls sideways! Another word in this puzzle is "sand cat" which is one of the world's smallest cats. And then there's "Thorny Devil", which has got to be my favorite lizard. It can shoot blood out of its eye! And God made the thorny devil's spikes and ridges to collect water from the air and channel it into his mouth. You can Google some of the words to learn more.

I think I'll make some more, so be sure to check back for new puzzles on this post.


Lanae said:
Good job Jadon! Jon & I had fun last night doing the ocean puzzle. We thought it was difficult! Now I need to print the others off! We did find 2 mistakes or we think they're mistakes. is octopus spelled right in the puzzle or did we not find the right one? and indian ocean is spelled wrong in the little words, not a big deal but you said you wanted to know if we found mistakes!
Jadon said:
Thanks Lanae! Yes you found the right "Octopus" I must have spelled it wrong. I fixed Indian ocean too!
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