Potato Pistol

Picture of finished pistol coming soon

What you will need

  • PVC 1/2"x1"bushing
  • PVC 1" 90 degree street elbow
  • PVC 1"x1 1/2" bushing
  • PVC 1 1/2" adaptor
  • PVC 1 1/2" cleanout drain plug
  • 2' section of 1/2" PVC pipe
  • PVC cement
  • grill ignitor
  • 1/8" drill bit
  • Drill
  • Denatured alcohol
  • super glue
  • duck tape
  • potato

How to make it

First glue the PVC fittings together like this:
then drill a hole on either side of the elbow:
now cut the wires of the igniter in half. And strip 1/4" of plastic off the end, bend the stripped ends of the wires about 3/8" from the end :,
and stick the bent ends in the holes. Make sure you have a hot spark. If you do,seal the holes with super glue and glue the 1/2" pipe into the 1/2" end of the bushing, and tape the igniter on with duck tape: On the muzzle end of the barrel take a sharp knife and sharpen the inside edge. Now you are ready to try it out! Take a potato and using the muzzle, cut a plug from the potato. Now use a stick and push the potato plug about 1ft.6" down the barrel. Fill the square part of the clean-out plug about 1/2 way up with denatured alcohol, screw the clean out plug in and FIRE!

What to do if it does not fire

Unscrew the clean out plug and blow into the firing chamber because it will not spark without oxygen. CAUTION: DO NOT PUSH THE IGNITION SWITCH WITH CAP OFF WHEN ALCOHOL IS IN, it will burn the PVC (and you).

You can substitute

  • Iso Heet or rubbing alcohol for denatured alcohol


It is a gun, so treat it like one.

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